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Meet Peri Gershoni, Nutritionist at Psynergy

Nutritionist Peri Gershoni understands that a passion for freshness and preserving the nutrients in food are an integral part of our whole-person approach to mental health and wellness.


Peri Gershoni

Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting


Who doesn’t love cake?

End-of-summer meal


The start of September reminds us that the end of summer is soon approaching.

Another Summer Lunch from the Mediterranean Diet!


Honey mustard grilled salmon with green or black lentils

Summer Lunch Recipe from the Mediterranean Diet


In my last blog post i discussed the Mediterranean Diet and its health benefits including its positive effects on mental health. At Psynergy, our menus are based on this healthy diet’s principals.

Psynergy’s Mediterranean diet


In today’s post, I would like to briefly introduce you to the main outline of the diet we base our menus on at Psynergy.

Psynergy’s inspired one-bowl meal recipes


In today’s post I will be sharing some exciting recipes inspired by our spring-summer menus.

Healthy Snacking


In today’s post I will discuss healthy snacking and give you some of my simple and delicious “go-to” snack ideas!

Spring is here!


Winter is officially over!

Understanding the Glycemic Index


As many of our clients are affected by diabetes, I’ve decided to continue on the diabetes topic today.

Diabetes Type 2 and You


Diabetes is a serious health issue that is becoming more and more common across a wider age range in the population.