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Meet Peri Gershoni, Nutritionist at Psynergy

Nutritionist Peri Gershoni understands that a passion for freshness and preserving the nutrients in food are an integral part of our whole-person approach to mental health and wellness.


Psynergy’s inspired one-bowl meal recipes

In today’s post I will be sharing some exciting recipes inspired by our spring-summer menus. I’m featuring several dishes that our Chef Christophe likes to call ‘the super bowl’, delicious and healthy one-bowl meals.

Pumpkin spice up your month!


Here are two easy and healthier recipes for you to make at home. These are seasonal, festive and are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth. Both these recipes are low in refined sugars and rich in fiber.

Dietary Fiber


The motivation behind today’s blog post is to address a common issue widely experienced by many people.

Foods to Fall For


October marks the fall season and brings with it pumpkin spice, falling leaves, Halloween and delicious seasonal produce.

So, what’s in season?

True or False?


In today's post I hope to clarify and shed light on a few common nutritional myths.

The Breakfast Club


Most of us have heard that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Why is this true?

Mood Food


Healthy body, healthy mind


At Psynergy, we know that one of the tools to improving mental health is food.

The truth about drinks


Most people are aware that flavored sodas such as cola are packed with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorants, sugar and calories.

What is protein?


Which foods are rich in protein and how do we know if we are eating enough?

Majadra: Another Good Carb Recipe!



A delicious Middle Eastern dish made of rice and lentils. Rich in fiber and protein.

serves 6