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Meet Peri Gershoni, Nutritionist at Psynergy

Nutritionist Peri Gershoni understands that a passion for freshness and preserving the nutrients in food are an integral part of our whole-person approach to mental health and wellness.


Psynergy’s Mediterranean diet

In today’s post, I would like to briefly introduce you to the main outline of the diet we base our menus on at Psynergy.

Majadra: Another Good Carb Recipe!



A delicious Middle Eastern dish made of rice and lentils. Rich in fiber and protein.

serves 6

Are carbs really that bad?


I have found that it is increasingly common for people to think that carbohydrates are terrible for you. The reality is quite different…

Our Philosophy of Food!


So how can you use Psynergy's philosophy about food at home?

1. More fresh herbs!

Psynergy's Food Blog, with Peri Gershoni


Food as medicine: an introduction to Psynergy's healthy and delicious kitchen!

A passion for freshness!


Salads where carrots are shredded just moments before they are served, farm-fresh produce, freshly baked bread, and delicious, low-fat entrees help clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.