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Clinical Services

Psynergy Programs recognizes that clients understand and appreciate high standards of care, compassion, cuisine, and choice.  This does not change simply because they are going through a crisis.  When clients experience cooking and accommodations comparable to what they would receive in a home setting, it is easier for them to visualize going home, being active in their community, participating in their recovery and fulfilling their dreams.

Within this compassionate environment, Psynergy Programs offers a range of specific services from our Spectrum of Care. This section provides details about our range of services that allow us to customize care for each person. You can also learn more about Psynergy EQ, our unique Equine Therapy program.

Sacramento Clinic

Each client’s treatment and service needs are carefully considered in our initial clinical assessment. We develop a realistic timeframe for the client’s progression through the various stages of treatment with the end goal of Living Out in the community.

Greenfield Clinic

The clinic at Cielo Vista in Greenfield is staffed by caring professionals whose goal is to maximize options for each client to improve and thrive. Continual communication between the medical and clinical teams create a synergistic approach that allows a targeted and consistent treatment plan for each and every client.

Morgan Hill Clinic

Prescribing the best regimen in many ways requires an artist's touch. There is a special skill set involved, as well as a listening ear that evaluates feedback not only from the medical team but also from the most crucial element:  our client.