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Horses Spark Connection for Psynergy Residents

Colorful Communications

March 15, 2017 – On a cool and wintry January 3rd at Psynergy Equine Therapy - Mount Madonna Stable in a serene enclave of Northern California, Psynergy introduced a new creative interaction called Colorful Communications. A moment where horses and humans meet. A union that we at Psynergy find has profound value.

While one special and important client stood on the left side of the horse, another equally important client took up a position on the right side. Both held fingerpaint palettes loaded with brilliant color. With simple tools and positive energy, Colorful Communications began.

The client on the left began applying paint, while explaining the design, color and position to the client on the right, who attempted to mirror the creative effects. The client on the right was encouraged to ask questions about where to put images and what colors to paint them. Both clients had the opportunity to open up, engage, and adopt another person’s perspective as their reality. The exercise was conducted under the expert guidance of dedicated Psynergy team members Emily Carlson and Ron McKenzie.  

The takeaway?  Clients found a new way to communicate colorfully as well as effectively, creating relationships to broaden and deepen their experience at Psynergy. Kudos to everyone – horses included! – for this colorful approach to the New Year!