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Solano County Recognizes Psynergy

Casey Woodruff and family

February 19, 2018 - At the mandatory Solano County quarterly Quality Improvement (QI) meeting on February 9, 2018, attendees reviewed the data collection process for service verification forms. Federal regulations and Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requirements mandate that clinics must have a method in place to verify that services billed to Medi-Cal were actually provided to beneficiaries.  

Psynergy Programs was one of only two contracts and county agencies reviewed to receive a 100 percent on submissions to verify services per Policy 313.  

The State of California also requires that each client complete a satisfaction survey, and Psynergy Programs received a 100 percent verification of completion for this requirement as well. Additionally, Psynergy Programs received 88 percent customer satisfaction from the DHCS Consumer Satisfaction report for Spring 2017 questionnaires.

“This is time-consuming and detailed work,” says Psynergy CEO Arturo Uribe.  “Kudos to our Casey Woodruff for her valuable efforts in completing the data submissions to satisfy these requirements.”

Casey Woodruff is the clinical administrative services manager at our corporate office, and is responsible for compiling the data required for QI compliance. Casey and her husband have four sons.