August 02, 2017

Healthy body, healthy mind

At Psynergy, we know that one of the tools to improving mental health is food.
By supplying and encouraging healthier food choices we see notable improvements in our clients overall health.
In today’s post, I will show you how making better food choices can improve your overall health, leading to a healthier mindset.

My 5 top tips for using food as a tool for a healthier you!

1. More water! 
Ask yourself- “How many cups of water did I have today?” The answer is probably far less than the recommended 8 cups of water per day. Our body is composed of about 70% water and it is very important to maintain this level. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids which include digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva production, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature. Throughout the day we lose fluid continuously from our skin, sweat, breathing, urine and stool. When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated. Have a bottle of water handy and keep track of much water you’ve had daily.

2. Homemade food
Eating prepared and packaged food is so easy and fast. But when it comes to feeding your body, mind and soul nothing beats preparing your food from quality, fresh ingredients and served with love. Homemade food contains less salt and trans fat, which are used in restaurants and factories as taste enhancers. This also means far less calories in homemade food, you are in control of what kind of ingredients and how much you add to each dish. Portions are smaller at home then at a restaurant so you eat less. You save money cooking at home.

3. Balanced meals
A balanced meal is a meal that contains the main food groups- protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. A balanced meal will give your body all the nutrients it needs to maintain energy levels for a longer time which will help sustain your performance during the day. An example of this is a plate of grilled chicken or fish with steamed brown rice and stir fried mixed vegetables. See my recipes for more ideas!

4. Eat every 4 hours
Eating a balanced meal every 4 hours will prevent any energy slumps and out of control hunger pangs during the day. I recommend having 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2-3 smaller meals (mid morning snack and afternoon snack) throughout the day. An excellent idea for a mid-day snack is an apple and a few almonds or a small slice of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter.

5. Less refined sugar  
Refined sugar offers zero nutritional value. Sugar contributes to processes in the body that cause cardiovascular disease and circulation issues, this is especially dangerous to people already affected by insulin resistance and diabetes. To keep your blood sugar levels balanced avoid foods rich in refined sugar such as sweets, syrups, nectars, honey and agave. Prefer fruit and complex carbohydrates which contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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