May 01, 2017

Our Philosophy of Food!

So how can you use Psynergy’s philosophy about food at home?

1. More fresh herbs!

Fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro, thyme, basil, dill etc. are extremely high in nutrients including vitamins K, B, and C, which help improve immune system function and brain function. They contain strong antioxidants which help prevent inflammation and  fiber which helps digestion. They are also full of flavor and enhance any dish, meaning you could use less salt in your food!

2. More vegetable soups!

Soup is an excellent method of cooking without losing a lot of nutrients. Nutrients are lost in cooking liquids. For example, when boiling or roasting vegetables, vitamins and minerals are lost when the cooking water is discarded.

A water-based soup with vegetables is low in calories and low in sugar, making it a great starter or side dish to a meal, resulting in having less calories overall.

Soup containing meat, fish or legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.) and vegetables and grains (rice, wheat, etc.) can also be a complete, tasty and healthy meal.

3. More whole grains!

Whole grains like brown rice, farrow, barley, bulgur wheat, whole couscous and whole wheat pasta can replace refined grains in your diet. Immediate improvements & replacements can be – whole wheat pasta for white wheat pasta, whole wheat bread for white bread, brown rice for white rice. Whole grains contain magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins, soluble and insoluble fiber. These nutrients help with maintaining healthy body weight, improving blood sugar levels and improving blood fats- especially fats called triglycerides – and improving digestion.

4. More color!

Eating more vegetables in every meal and as snacks throughout the day makes the difference. Seeing a plate that is colorful is not only more appealing but also significantly beneficial to your health!

The different colors in fruit and vegetables are different nutrients which contribute essential components to your body:

Red pigment in tomatoes is called lycopene, which helps reduce the risk of cancer.

Orange pigment in carrots and pumpkins is called beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A which helps maintain healthy eyes.

Green pigment in kale, spinach and green peppers is called chlorophyll. These veggies contain a compound called lutein. Broccoli and cabbage contain another compound called indole. These compounds help protect against certain types of cancer, help maintain eye tissue health and prevent age-related degeneration.

Easy ways to add more colors of vegetables to your daily meals (as we do at Psynergy) include adding vegetables such as lettuce and tomato to a sandwich, adding a vegetable soup or salad as a side dish to every meal, preparing veggie sticks with dips as a midday snack, or having a fruit or fresh fruit salad for desert or snack.

See you soon with more. Thank you and take good care of yourself!


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