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Psynergy welcomes Chef Manager Gustavo Ramirez to Morgan Hill

Gustavo Ramirez
Bread pudding

Chef Manager Gustavo Ramirez brings a culinary flair honed in corporate kitchens to Psynergy Programs in Morgan Hill.

Psynergy’s Morgan Hill Chef  Manager Gustavo Ramirez has been cooking for 30 years, and a professional chef for 20 years.  The San Jose native is a product of the Professional Culinary Institute there.  He’s worked for both restaurants and hotels in his long cooking career. Before joining Psynergy, he specialized in overseeing corporate dining at some of Silicon Valley’s top tech firms.

He enjoys Psynergy’s “farm to fork” philosophy.  Supervising a staff of three, he likes to bring in seasonal produce to enhance the traditional menus around the holidays. 

“We’re using a lot of butternut squash, acorn squash and Brussels sprouts right now,” says Ramirez.

He also enjoys making Asian and Mexican food, along with other regional cuisines including Peruvian, Irish and Chinese, which keeps things interesting for the 90+ clients and staff who enjoy three meals and three snacks daily at Psynergy’s Morgan Hill facility.  Out of all of the things his kitchen prepares, Gustavo says that everyone’s favorite snack is the bread pudding.  The recipe appears below.  We’ll be posting holiday and seasonal dishes all month long, so check back often, and enjoy!

Gustavo's Bread Pudding Recipe

2 loaves of any stale bread

8oz raisins

8oz dried cranberries

3qts milk

28oz sugar

28oz liquid eggs

(makes 28 servings)

Cut bread into squares, put it in a 2" deep, hotel style baking pan.

In a separate pan boil the milk. In a bowl mix the sugar and eggs, then add this mixture to the boiling milk.

Add the milk, egg and sugar mixture to the bread squares.

Rest it for 15 minutes so the bread can soak up the milk.

Bake the bread and milk mixture at 325 degrees until temperature reaches 155 degrees.

(About 45 minutes to an hour.)