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Psynergy introduces  Sofia Marsetti!

We are excited to feature new ideas about health, food and recipes from nutritionist Sofia Marsetti!

Sofia Marsetti attended Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador where she earned a B.S. in Nutrition.  Her studies concentrated in the areas of nutritional science, medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, food science, food production and management of food service operations, chemistry and physiology, plus a variety of supporting coursework in related disciplines.  

Sofia’s passion for health has led her to enroll in varied courses such as Nutrition and Pregnancy, Post-grade in Mediterranean Diet, Oxidative Stress and Gardening. She has also pursued extensive functional medicine training resulting in a more complete approach to health. 

Sofia decided to move to California and validate her degree at California State’s Long Beach campus completing the didactic programs of dietetics. After working in private practices to gain more experience, she applied to a Master’s program in Food Science, Nutrition and Metabolism and is now hoping to maximize her wide range of knowledge about food and the nutritional world.

Her use of the latest scientific research, tools and methods help clients achieve their goals. Many people think that eating healthy means starving yourself or drinking juices all day.  In contrast, Sofia’s approach is to develop a personalized diet based on each client’s needs and to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living. In this way, she is helping others embrace the concept that what we are is a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves. All of us at Psynergy are looking forward to working with Sofia in pursuit of enhanced wellness for our clients and ourselves.




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