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Psynergy chefs know that food is medicine too!

Our Blog is taking a new turn! Psynergy’s Executive Chef Jason Murchison is launching a series of posts to introduce the Chef Managers at each Psynergy property, along with some of their favorite dishes.

Sherice Green, a native of Sacramento and a professional chef for 10+ years, leads the team at Nueva Vista Sacramento.  Part of the Psynergy family for nearly five years, she keeps her staff engaged by teaching them new culinary techniques and trains them extensively in food safety and sanitation. 

“I like what Psynergy stands for – the organization has a unique understanding of adults with mental health challenges. The compassion you see in the staff taking care of our clients is truly exemplary,” Sherice says.

She is definitely on board with the Psynergy mantra that “food is medicine.”

“Our food service experience is one-of-a-kind, preparing restaurant-style meals that present beautifully, that are nutritious and support healthy lifestyles.  I like to prepare new cuisines that our clients have never tried before. It’s fun because they are always excited to come down and enjoy a meal in our dining area.”

Today, Sherice is sharing her recipe for Southwest Chicken which unites herbs and summer produce from California’s Central Valley in a way that celebrates freshness.


Sherice's Southwest Chicken

Southwest Chicken Bowl with Organic Black Beans and Quinoa, Topped with Fresh Pico De Gallo, Avocado Crème, and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

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