Cultivating Wellness in Sacramento's Urban Oasis

The ethnically diverse, environmentally friendly, tree-canopied urban oasis known as Sacramento is the setting for Nueva Vista Sacramento, the newest campus in Psynergy Programs’ group of therapeutic communities. 

Evolved from the California Gold Rush, Sacramento pays tribute to its history with many museums, restaurants and shops, while its reputation for agriculture puts the “farm” in the growing “farm-to-table” restaurant trend. Our campus here is designed to enhance each person’s ability to cope effectively with life changes and to attain greater self-efficacy in the community at large.  State of California Department of Social Services #347005533.


Navigating Personalized Paths: Collaborative Psychiatric Care

Finding the best way forward for each individual is paramount. There is a special skill set involved, as well as a listening ear that evaluates feedback not only from the medical team but also from the most crucial element: our client.

Getting it right can require several weekly meetings with a new client, and involve both medication and other modalities of treatment. What we do isn’t magic, but it is essential to the best psychiatric care, and requires the best professionals working in tandem with each client.

We are committed to persevering throughout treatment as a united team. This is our pledge.


Empowering Progress: Collaborative Treatment Planning

Each client’s treatment and service needs are carefully considered in our initial clinical assessment. We develop a realistic timeframe for the client’s progression through the various stages of treatment with the end goal of Living Out in the community. This is very much a collaborative process that involves the client, family members, the conservator and members of the treatment team at Nueva Vista Sacramento. A client’s readiness to progress from stage to stage is determined by clinical observation, but also by the achievement of specific goals and objectives spelled out in the client’s service plan.


California's Vibrant Capital City

Sacramento is the fifth biggest city in the Golden State and California’s capital. The Old Sacramento historic area that explores California’s Gold Rush era has nearly 5 million visitors each year.

Sacramento has nearly 50 farmer’s markets, full of intensely fresh produce grown in the balmy, Mediterranean-style climate. While much of the produce grown here is shipped throughout the United States, the cream of the crop finds a home in Sacramento’s excellent restaurants.

An environmentally-friendly river city with miles of  bike trails and hiking paths, Sacramento is also known as “the city of trees,” named by Spanish explorers for the large number of ash trees found here.  Each year thousands of volunteers work to maintain this landscape, donating the equivalent of $100,000 in labor to the program annually.

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