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Lifestyle of Tres Vista at Morgan Hill

At Psynergy, the concepts of “living well” and “getting well” are closely intertwined. It’s all part of a holistic approach to becoming a healthier person, increasing activity, and doing something positive with your day. We believe that daily exercise, appetizing food, attractive accommodations and caring, supportive staff add up to a lifestyle that sets the stage for recovery.

As clients recover and benefit from our programs, we encourage them to look beyond the Psynergy campus and take advantage of the resources our host community of Morgan Hill has to offer. As a resident's orientation period ends, nightly walks, weekly bike rides, visits to local festivals, the library, the zoo, and trips to restaurants all enhance the flavor of life in San Francisco’s Bay Area and California’s Central Coast, leading to optimism about the future. Respect for individual feelings and personality is also a major part of the equation, giving clients a preview of what it can be like to recover and rejoin the community.

Arts and crafts
Back garden
Yoga at Tres Vista