Tranquil Supported Accommodation

Tres Vista is Psynergy’s Supported Accommodation facility located at the Nueva Vista campus in Morgan Hill. Our Supported Accommodation program allows privacy and freedom, with the important underpinnings of social and educational support.

Fifteen miles inland from the Pacific Coast and just twelve miles south of San Jose in California’s Santa Clara Valley, Tres Vista is located on the Nueva Vista campus in the picturesque town of Morgan Hill. Our housing options are within easy walking distance of Morgan Hill’s historic town center with its shops, cafes, parks and historic train station.


Elevating Independent Living with Supported Accommodation

At Tres Vista, our supported accommodation program of semi-independent apartments is located on the Morgan Hill campus.  It  provides the right combination of services and support to help residents reclaim independent living skills.

Residential Options at Tres Vista
At Tres Vista, clients may choose to live in completely furnished options ranging from individual studio apartments to shared housing. Attractive, contemporary furnishings plus appliances, kitchenware, cooking utensils and linens are provided, along with convenient on-site laundry. Utilities and cable television are included, along with weekly housekeeping.

Eating and Living Well
Spa-quality meals are served three times a day in the dining room at the main residential facility. A passion for freshness and preserving the nutrients in food are part of our whole-person approach to mental health and wellness, guided by a licensed nutritionist. Salads where carrots are shredded just moments before they are served, organic produce and freshly baked bread are vital elements in the Psynergy approach to cuisine. Delicious, low-fat entrees of chicken, beef, fish and eggs help clients feel pampered as they achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Residents may elect to customize their meal service by preparing certain meals and eating privately in their own living unit if preferred, but must attend one meal per day at the main residential dining room.


Fine-Tuning Psychiatric Care

Tres Vista, a key part of our therapeutic philosophy, was founded in 2004.

Living at Tres Vista is the last stage before clients who have experienced a mental break “graduate” from supervised living to rejoin the larger community. Psynergy Programs adopted this model to foster a successful transition, and to allow clients to live with the maximum amount of autonomy with a safety net in place to help them reach their goals.

At Tres Vista, specific goals and objectives are identified in an individualized service plan. By aligning goals with the individual’s needs and functional capability, each client is able to direct his or her personal recovery. After successfully completing each stage, the client experiences an increasing sense of trust, self-confidence and self-control.

For many of our clients, an improved quality of life and recovery from mental illness means freedom of choice, the ability to engage in social activity, the opportunity to master employment skills once again, and gain confidence once more.

Recovery happens.


Thriving in Harmony: Holistic Wellness at Psynergy Programs

At Psynergy, the concepts of “living well” and “getting well” are closely intertwined. It’s all part of a holistic approach to becoming a healthier person, increasing activity, and doing something positive with your day. We believe that daily exercise, appetizing food, attractive accommodations and caring, supportive staff add up to a lifestyle that sets the stage for recovery.

As clients recover and benefit from our programs, we encourage them to look beyond the Psynergy campus and take advantage of the resources our host community of Morgan Hill has to offer. As a resident’s orientation period ends, nightly walks, weekly bike rides, visits to local festivals, the library, the zoo, and trips to restaurants all enhance the flavor of life in San Francisco’s Bay Area and California’s Central Coast, leading to optimism about the future. Respect for individual feelings and personality is also a major part of the equation, giving clients a preview of what it can be like to recover and rejoin the community.

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