A Haven in Sacramento's Metropolitan Area

At the heart of a four-county metropolitan area, adjacent to the American River, Vista de Robles is Psynergy's second addition to the historic Sacramento community. With this newly renovated campus, Psynergy Programs hopes to continue offering exceptional care while bettering the lives of its clients. The campus' name is loosely translated as "View of Oaks" will offer a peaceful oasis for the community being served.  State of California Department of Social Services license #342700652.


Empowering Independence: Adult Residential Services

Vista de Robles provides adult residential services to persons with serious mental illness, ages 18+. An alternative to a locked, crisis setting, Vista de Robles’ community supports include a comprehensive, innovative, and coordinated program of services and activities, which take a holistic approach and focus on the development of independent living skills. The primary goal is to assist residents to obtain skills needed to move to a less restrictive, more independent setting.


Maximizing Options with Synergistic Care

The clinic at Vista de Robles is staffed by caring professionals whose goal is to maximize options for each client to improve and thrive. Continual communication between the medical and clinical teams create a synergistic approach that allows a targeted and consistent treatment plan for each and every client. Because we are always focused on advancing our approach and because of under-served population in Sacramento, we plan to continue to expand throughout the region. At Psynergy we find a way–always.


Revitalizing Sacramento: Vista de Robles' Sanctuary for Mental Health Recovery

Many people think Sacramento’s best attribute is that it’s located a few hours from exciting destinations like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Though it’s constantly overshadowed by cosmopolitan places in its own state, Sacramento is undergoing a transition, with technological and cultural developments breathing new life into the California capital.

Vista de Robles offers a retreat for those struggling within mental health issues. With its nurturing caregivers, innovative cuisine, and immaculate facilities, we offer the ideal environment for recovery and transition back into the community.

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