COMING SOON: Vista Esperanza

Vista Esperanza is something entirely new – not just for Psynergy Programs, but also for the entire State of California.

From the company that has become known as the gold standard for mental health care in California, Vista Esperanza will be our first residential community for the elderly (RCFE), designed specifically to serve seniors age 59-and-a-half or older, who have a primary mental health diagnosis.

The need for such a community is profound, as clients who “age out” of our other properties deserve an equivalent homelike option that will enable them to continue the standout clinical care and quality of life that are the hallmarks of Psynergy’s therapeutic communities.

The intelligent layout and appealing property design Psynergy is known for is experienced at new levels on the two-acre campus at Vista Esperanza. A covered outdoor dining room transitions into an outdoor entertainment area in the evening, featuring a widescreen TV for television and movies, and a perfect space for special events. Enclosed green spaces with automatic gates and built-in security cameras create a safe environment for residents to walk and socialize.

Inside the facility, an onsite clinic and medication room lounge create convenience and privacy around therapy and medication management. It’s backed by a 24-hour nursing staff that is unique to this property and possibly, to any other in the state.

Soundproof booths facilitate tele-therapy if a client’s preferred therapist is off-site, and a dietician is available to create menus for residents with special needs: heart-healthy, vegetarian, and soft-palate diet. We also continue to pursue our philosophy of “food as medicine” with delicious chef-prepared meals sourced from the bounty of local farms.

While client rooms are shared, each room offers two separate sleeping areas, each with its own lighting and a separate closet.

Vista Esperanza is the leading edge of residential care for mentally challenged, older adults in California. We can’t wait to show you!

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