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Designer Eva Karwowska moves from consultant role to become Psynergy quality control specialist

Eva headshot

Eva Karwowska has been specifying furniture professionally since 2012.  After working with Psynergy founder Mike Weinstein on various properties for seven years, she has now joined the company full-time, coordinating with other contractors on building materials and furniture selection.  

“Selecting furnishings for Psynergy is very specific, combining comfortable surroundings that convey a strong hospitality focus with the realities of behavioral healthcare,” says Karwowska.

Items selected by Karwowska for Psynergy’s properties include furniture, lighting, paintings and accessories.  She also has input on building materials and wall colors. 

“Everything must perform up to standards – it must look inviting, like a boutique hotel, but also has to be durable and easy to maintain,” she relates. 

Karwowska relies on her extensive knowledge of sources and manufacturers to make responsible, sustainable purchases that will last. 

“We want both clients and guests to feel that they are in a place where they are comfortable and being cared for, so we emulate the standards you would find in urban restaurants –solid, well-developed and time-tested.”

She likes to combine impermeable, cleanable plastic elements with accents of wood and metal, avoiding accessories that are easily moved.  Plants add warmth and complete the look.  Some of her furniture selections come from old, industrial lines that work well in modern interiors. Properly chosen, these items still look good years later, she says.  The Emeco broom chair, seen in the dining room at Vista de Robles, is a favorite. 

“Our clients always come first when considering design choices,” says Karwowska.  “Our primary goal is always comfort, but aesthetics are a very close second.”