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Lisha Gray Joins Psynergy as Senior HR Manager

Lisha Gray
Senior HR Manager Lisha Gray

January 20, 2020 - Lisha Gray has joined the growing Psynergy team as Senior HR Manager. Based at Nueva Vista in Morgan Hill, Gray will be staffing all of the Psynergy properties, including those in Morgan Hill, Greenfield and its expanding group of board-and-care facilities in Sacramento. 

“We were impressed with Lisha’s HR experience in high-level Silicon Valley companies, balanced by substantial work with mission-oriented non-profits and the underserved,” says Psynergy founding partner Jean Edwards.  “She is also very technically savvy, bringing to the table cutting-edge processes, procedures and infrastructure for HR. We look to her to help us recruit the right team members, as well as updating Psynergy’s on-boarding and record-keeping processes for continued growth.” 

Before joining Psynergy, Gray was a senior partner with Maximum Impact, a corporate staffing firm based in Silicon Valley. She was also a founding member of the HR team for the PlayStation division of Sony. After 15-plus years in this milieu, Gray decided to leave the corporate landscape and joined consulting firm Maximum Impact that helped small startups.  She developed a niche with mission-oriented non-profits, many of which were dealing with the underserved including children, persons with disabilities, and Native Americans. Her most recent position was with Opportunity Fund, a non-profit that has been successfully building communities that put opportunity, knowledge, and access to capital within reach of those who deserve a chance to build a financially stable life. As a micro-lender that partners with large banks, Opportunity Fund gives micro-loans to the underserved, launching ventures ranging from food trucks to beauty salons. 

“Small business is really what America is all about, at least, the America I want to live in,” says Gray. “Working for a privately-owned, growing company is very rewarding. I look forward to getting to know the partners and help implement their goals for Psynergy Programs. I will also be helping to build an HR team, and I look forward to being a mentor for my group.”

Gray says that Human Resources can be a big piece of the puzzle for growing companies. 

“In all successful companies, HR has a seat at the table,” says Gray. “Today’s HR professionals are not just paper pushers, they are also influencers, balancing employee concerns with business needs. Recruiting is always a top priority, but employee retention is just as important.”

A key part of the mission Gray hopes to accomplish is to evolve on-boarding of new employees to an electronic/digital model so that they can focus more on understanding Psynergy’s mission and their job within the organization and less on filling out paperwork. She will also employ this updated model to streamline compliance training. She looks forward to partnering with department heads to reduce any duplications in training and focusing on identifying additional training that would be beneficial to staff.

“In this market, finding and retaining talent is the biggest challenge HR has right now,” says Gray. “I challenge myself to find ways to get employees excited about where they work, so that they can be ambassadors for the brand. That’s why I want to partner with the founders to understand what we can do – education, opportunities for growth or flexible hours – to help our employees thrive.”