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Osiris White is new Administrator at Nueva Vista Sacramento

Osiris White, Admnistrator at Nueva Vista Sacramento
Mariyah and Osiris White

June 12, 2020 - Psynergy Programs has hired former BCFS Health and Human Services Director Osiris White as the new Administrator for Nueva Vista Sacramento. The BCFS facility in Fairfield, CA is a shelter and home place for troubled teens. Prior to that, White worked at Newport Mental Healthcare Center in Pleasanton, CA as Administrator, after first embracing healthcare management as a member of the Air Force.

“When I joined the military I knew I wanted to focus on operations, but soon I realized I wanted to focus specifically on mental health,” says White, who spent two years as Clinic Administrator at Brooke Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston, TX. His duties there ranged from campus facilities planning and construction to management and safety. As a member of the Senior Operations Team, he worked to identify ways to improve operational efficiency and enhance teamwork.

White earned a Masters degree in healthcare administration with a minor in business before going to work for the Newport Academy in Pleasanton, CA, opening three facilities that cared for adolescents. There, he developed a passion for giving minors an outlet for expression, life skills and coping skills.  Currently, he is working on his Doctorate degree at UAB, and is writing a dissertation that explores the differences between the belief systems of a mental health clinician versus a behaviorist. 

When asked for an “elevator speech” to sum up his dissertation, White put it this way.

“A behaviorist will judge you by your actions, and what you are doing,” he said.  “The clinical approach focuses on why you are doing it. The mental health clinician dives into the brain and emotions, and looks at what inspired you to take the actions that are under review.”

White hopes to share his completed dissertation with the clinical staff at Nueva Vista Sacramento. In the meantime, his short-term goals include working to give the staff structure, along with patient support and guidance. 

“I see a lot of real gems in our current staff.  It’s my job to meet them where they are, and give them the right platform and position to shine while providing high quality care and service to our residents,” says White. 

His job will also include overseeing the ongoing construction at NVS, which involves extensive remodeling of the exterior and construction of two new clinical offices totaling 3,000 square feet, which is projected for completion in September.  The women’s wing is also being rebuilt. When the current construction phase is finished the facility will have beds for 60 residents, and White is hoping that the evolving outside space will have room for a workout area and a basketball court. 

Compared to his previous experience in the mental health field, White says that Psynergy takes a very different approach. 

“Everything is therapeutic here. Even the kitchen staff works very hard to provide healthy, multicultural food that makes people feel good. Our staff is very empathetic and meets residents where they currently are in life, approaching each person differently per their individual background or trauma. Best of all, we have clinicians just 10 feet away when we need them.  Clients can come in and feel supported rather than caged in. Someone is there to work by their side instead of pushing or pulling them along. The Psynergy staff knows that it’s important that we love our residents until they love themselves.” 

White says that working in mental health requires an approach that demonstrates validation.  For any client who walks in the door, it is important to make a connection and listen. 

“Unconditional positive listening without judgment – I believe that is the key to connecting with anyone who needs mental health services,” he says.

When he’s not at work, Osiris White enjoys sightseeing with his wife Mariyah, reading, working out and having conversations with friends about life goals. Until recently, he also enjoyed watching basketball.  That’s something he hopes will resume soon!