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Psynergy Programs Opens Second Facility in Sacramento

Vista De Robles makes the most of its mid-century Calfornia architectural style.
Comfortably casual leather seating forms a focal point in the living areas.
Vista de Robles offers spacious shared rooms.
The facility features a brand new chef’s kitchen, here showing off some of the fresh produce from the Central Valley.

April 21, 2020 - Vista De Robles, located in the Rancho Cordova area of Sacramento, is Psynergy’s largest single facility to date with 80 beds under one roof.  

Psynergy Programs, a state-of-the-art residential treatment provider for people diagnosed with mental illness, has opened its second stand-alone location in Sacramento. Formerly licensed for residential care for the elderly, the facility at 9847 Folsom Street is leased by Psynergy Programs and has been redesigned as an adult residential facility. According to Psynergy CFO Mike Weinstein, the property offered several features that dovetailed with the company’s growing footprint in central California. Vista de Robles is only 10 minutes from Psynergy’s nearby property Nueva Vista Sacramento, which is currently expanding through new construction to remodel the lobby and rebuild its women’s wing. 

“About 18 of our clients will be moving to Vista De Robles while construction is underway to complete our Phase I plan at Nueva Vista Sacramento,” says Weinstein. “This property was a good fit for us for a number of reasons. Not only does it provide interim housing for our current clients, but there are some unique features here that will allow us to expand the scope of our services for people experiencing mental illness.”

The company plans to re-task an existing 10-bed Alzheimer’s unit as a crisis residential facility for adults who are in a temporary or short-term crisis stabilization, under a separate license.

“What we envision here is a residential care unit for the more minor psychiatric issues that can be treated successfully in a community rather than a hospital setting,” says Weinstein. “This will enable us to stabilize clients who need short-term intervention without going back to the hospital, providing savings for counties and better outcomes for clients. We can transfer a client from one of our other facilities that in the past would have gone to the hospital. After the issue is resolved in 30 to 60 days that client can go back to the original facility. We are only planning to offer this service to our own clients who are already part of the Psynergy community, or planning to transfer to a Psynergy residential program.”

According to Weinstein, the timeline for the crisis unit will hinge on the desire of counties who want the service and interaction with the State of California to ensure that it meets all required guidelines. 

Expansion options

Vista de Robles is located on 1.5 acres in an area that has agricultural roots. The company is in the process of acquiring the facility and a 2.5 –acre parcel adjacent to it for future expansion.

“We could use that area to build a new clinic with more parking, or several cottages for independent living, but we’ve also considered moving our equine therapy program utilizing Arabian horses to that acreage,” says Weinstein. “Instead of taking our clients to different horse facilities in the area we could build a four-stall barn with two quarter-acre turnouts and a riding arena. Psynergy is well-known for its uniquely successful equine therapy program, and it would be fun to have this on-site.”

Weinstein noted that while zoning for that idea would have to be approved, there are already other horse properties nearby, and a 40-acre farm located behind the property. The company is conducting feasibility studies to explore its various land-use options.

Vista de Robles will open with a staff of around 20, but will eventually field a team of 40 employees when the facility’s 80 beds are at capacity, expected to occur in mid-2020.

Psynergy continues to add clinical and administrative staff, maintenance and food-service workers, and has hired a head chef who will oversee all of Psynergy’s properties in Sacramento. The company will also be hiring a primary clinical manager/ head psychiatrist for the three properties currently planned for the Sacramento area.

“We’re excited about the possibilities this facility offers,” says Mike Weinstein.  “It has a great walkable location in Rancho Cordova, a lot of potential with the adjacent acreage, and a library right next door. We are very much looking forward to expanding our Psynergy family here at Vista de Robles.”