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Psynergy Programs Welcomes New Client Development Manager

Jenny Sanchez client development manager

February 20, 2018 - Jenny Sanchez, who formerly worked as admission and discharge manager for Merced Behavioral Center, has joined Psynergy Programs in the capacity of client development manager. Sanchez was with the Merced facility near Modesto for a total of 11 years.  

“We are very pleased to welcome Jenny as a part of our team,” says Lynda Kaufmann, director of government and public affairs for Psynergy. “Most of our county partners already know her and hold her in high esteem. She is officially on board with us beginning February 16.”

Bringing in new talent is key as Psynergy Programs begins the development of its first Residential Care Facility for Elderly (RCFE). According to Kaufmann, the company is recruiting additional resources to work with individuals moving from skilled nursing facilities to more appropriate residential services. This could include individuals diagnosed with Huntington’s disease who are in need of mental health services but due to physical disabilities are unable to access those services other than in state hospitals.

Sanchez will be managing Psynergy’s client development team that includes Julie Allen, MA, who has been working in the client development department since August 2017. Allen has many years of experience and formerly supervised the Santa Cruz County Mental Health Mobile Crisis team.  

Over the last decade, Psynergy has seen increasing demand for the type of services it provides and has grown to three properties plus supported accommodations. Nueva Vista in Morgan Hill has 72 beds, and the adjacent Tres Vista out-patient apartment complex has accommodations for six residents.  Cielo Vista in Greenfield has 40 beds, and with recent additions, Nueva Vista Sacramento can now accommodate 60 residents. Plans for two additional buildings, one building for 20 female only and the other for 20 male only residents will bring the total for Sacramento to 100 licensed beds.  

“Additionally, Nueva Vista Sacramento will have six cottages with four single rooms each, allowing us to continue building Psynergy’s supported accommodations program similar to Tres Vista in Morgan Hill,” says Kaufmann.

Sanchez says she is looking forward to her new role screening new applicants for the Psynergy properties. “Psynergy Programs works with the same population as secured settings but who are now ready to transition back to a community setting,” Sanchez related. “Psynergy’s population has worked towards a lower level of care. New residents going into one of Psynergy’s facilities are more stable on their medications, participating in their recovery, and are less symptomatic. Overall, these clients have a better insight and understanding of their illness and can help to manage their symptoms. It is Psynergy’s role to be a partner in that process.”