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Snoozes and Snacks: Psynergy Surprises San Martin Animal Shelter

pet beds and blueberry muffins

March 5, 2019 - Psynergy’s Community Connections group at Nueva Vista Morgan Hill has undertaken an ongoing mission to spread positivity in the neighborhood.  In February, Program Director Cathy Adams had a bright idea.  An animal lover herself, at one time she aspired to be a vet, and worked for a time as a vet tech at an animal shelter surgery.  So she has a keen understanding about what sort of gift would be appreciated at a shelter.

Adams purchased fleece material and pre-cut it in sizes appropriate for a small dog or cat bed.  The residents at Nueva Vista cut fringe all the way around, and tied the pieces together to form a warm and stylish pad for small animals to snooze on.  The beds don’t need to be stuffed, so they are easily washed and sanitized.  The idea was that when an animal is adopted, they can go home with a ready-made bed at no cost.

Adams said that the residents worked on the beds for about two weeks.

“Our Nueva Vista team surprised the San Martin Animal Shelter with a delivery of  snuggly dog and cat beds for the animals, and homemade blueberry muffins for the employees there,” says Adams.  “I took some of the residents with me to deliver our gifts, and they enjoyed it so much.   We made a nice connection with the San Martin folks, and it’s a project that we will likely do again as the beds are given away or chewed.  It was a fun project, and very popular with the residents.”