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Who is the Psynergy Programs client?

Nearly 85 percent of the clients at Psynergy are experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective thought disorders. Diagnoses include bipolar disease with psychosis, severe depression, major depression and anxiety to the extent that the client must be hospitalized. Profiles of representative clients may help you visualize some of the situations clients face.

RT is a 36-year-old Japanese- American single male, born in Japan and raised in the U. S. Referred by a County partner, he was admitted to Psynergy Programs in 2016. After being evicted from his board and care home, he was transferred to a county behavioral health hospital and subsequently was there for approximately six months until admission to Psynergy.  Documented behavior included property damage, verbal threats and verbal assaults, physical posturing and refusing medications.

The goals of RT’s admission were to improve independent living skills, foster trust, respect and cooperation with others, and explore future education and work interests. He also worked on improving mental heath by using DBT distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills and taking all meds as prescribed. Finally, he worked on improving his social support system by maintaining regular contact with family and developing a social relationship with peers.

RT was discharged after 17 months at Psynergy. While in the program, he did well in a community college math class, and frequently engaged in bicycling and painting. He also followed his program agreements throughout his stay, and made frequent visits to his parents’ home beginning the 6th month after he came to Psynergy. He was able to manage his emotions adequately and advocate for his own needs while here, and maintained sobriety from all alcohol and mood-altering substances throughout his stay.