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. . . and another Psynergy client.

LM is a 57-year-old white female. Severely abused as a teen, LM attempted suicide at age 20, but recovered to finish two years of college, hold a job, marry and raise three children as part of a blended family. She was untreated for her mental illness for her adult life and Psynergy was the first and only residential treatment program she has received treatment in. A financially-devastating divorce in 2011 shattered her world, and mental illness, poorly documented since her teen years, once again dominates her life. She was hospitalized many times on a 5150 hold, released with medications but never continued to adhere to the treatment recommendations. Until she was conserved by a family member she was never able to receive the services she needed for her now-diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type, and major depressive disorder.

The family continues to support and engage in family therapy and LM has had an opportunity to meet her 21-year old daughter who was adopted from the family home at 5 years old. Family members that refused to see her in the past are now reengaging. After nine months at Psynergy, she is moving into a supported accommodation apartment at Psynergy which will allow her to live more independently.