Harnessing Healing: Psynergy's Equine Therapy and Mental Health Recovery

Can grooming and riding horses foster recovery from mental illness? According to a recent article published in the Psychiatric Times, the answer is “yes.” Learning a new skill—horsemanship—enhances patients’ confidence in their ability to tackle new projects, and leads to improved self-esteem. Psynergy's Equine Therapy program combines the proven science of using horses to facilitate therapy with the world’s oldest and most intuitive breed of horse – the Arabian. At Psynergy, we are committed to incorporate the best research and most effective methods of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP). Observational findings from top medical professionals indicate the benefits of equine therapy include increased confidence, self-efficacy, improved communication, restoration of trust, anxiety reduction, decreased isolation, impulse modulation, amended social skills, boundaries, and more.

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