Tailored Solutions: Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Psynergy Programs provides a broad range of professional mental health services, geared to meet the needs of individuals who are experiencing mental distress. Although every client is different, a proven palette of intervention options is available to help each person feel better as quickly as possible.

Assessment, Plan Development, Individual Therapy, Individual Rehabilitation Counseling, Family/Collateral Counseling, Medication Support (MD and Non-MD), Crisis Intervention and Case Management are tools used by the Psynergy team.

Our mental health service programs are tailored to meet each client's needs. Upon admission, the client and/or the client's representative meet with a professional mental health clinician and engage in a collaborative process to complete the Initial Mental Health Assessment and Level of Service Need Evaluation. The client and mental health professional then work collaboratively together to develop the Service Plan, which specifies what services are deemed appropriate and necessary to meet the client's needs and to achieve the client's goals.

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