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Nueva Vista Sacramento Plans New Clinic, Supportive Living

Renovations at Sacramento campus

June 15, 2017 - Psynergy Programs Sacramento Campus continues to grow, and the renovation of the women’s wing is now scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2017. When complete, Sacramento will have accommodations for 100 residents, a private clinic space for therapy and a resident gym located on campus.

“What we had in mind for Sacramento was almost like a senior housing project where residents have everything they need on campus,” says Mike Weinstein, one of Psynergy’s founding partners. “It doesn’t mean that residents don’t go off-site; rather, it means that they don’t need to. If they would like to buy stamps, get coffee, exercise or get a book, these are all basics covered here on campus.”

Weinstein said that the company also plans to add supportive living accommodations to the campus for clients who are doing well in the program and who are ready to move to a lower level of care. “When complete, these residents will be able to live more independently but still have access to all of the supports that everyone currently living at our Sacramento campus has,” he said.

These accommodations will be in four-bedroom cottages where each resident has his own room, along with a shared living room and snack kitchen. Residents can still get their meals in the commissary and still have access to all services, with supervision, but not 24-hour care. “The resident in our supportive living accommodations will essentially be halfway between our original model and living independently in an apartment,” says Weinstein. “They will have daily oversight to make sure that they are doing well, and taking care of their apartment, hygiene and meals as a prelude to living on their own.”