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Christmas Elves Headquartered at Psynergy in Morgan Hill

handmade christmas gifts
winter celebration

January 1, 2019 - Christmas is what you make it.  Never more true than this year, according to Cathy Adams, program director at Psynergy's Morgan Hill facility.

"The holidays here at Psynergy were warm, fun, creative and quite lovely," says Adams. "We made Ugly Sweater cookies (not pictured because we also ate Ugly Sweater cookies!) trimmed the tree, played in the "snow," celebrated the start of Winter, and eagerly counted down the days until Christmas."

Residents decorated the facility and created a Santa's Workshop where they made gifts for family and friends.

"We held numerous elf workshops in which residents had the opportunity to make a wide variety of gifts for loved ones," says Adams. "These included gift boxes, fleece scarves, Christmas cards, and beaded key chains. These were all well attended by industrious and generous residents!

From all of the staff and residents at Psynergy, we wish you a very Happy New Year!